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Website Hosting

Do you want your own website on the Internet? - Fanatically Focused on Delighting Clients with the Best Web Hosting Ever!

Ever wanted to know how to get your own website?
Then you need a Web Host, and I have just the one for you!

Nowadays, anybody who is anybody have their own website. And I am not talking about an affiliate site where thousands of people have the same site. No. I am talking about having your own website like this one here:

Web Hosts are the people who supply the physical computer equipment that is online 24 hours a day. Enabling people from all over the world to look at your site.

Choosing your web host is very important. Lets say you choose somebody that has equipment that regularly fails. You may find that one person who wanted to buy for a thousand Dollars from you was on line at the time that you web host server was down and you lost a sale. That you do not want. So it is important that you find a host that is up as close to one hundred percent of the time as possible.

Where to find such a Web Host? I found one for you! Just click here and check it out. Afrihost gives you a "Money back guarantee for your website hosting." They also have their famous: "100% Website Uptime or DOUBLE your Money Back! Guarantee". So if you want a Web Host that is up most of the time - Afrihost is it.

And the other thing is that you would not like to lose your data sitting on your website. Once again Afrihost rates high with regular backups of your site.

17 Reasons Why

Here are 17 reasons why you can confidently use Afrihost to host your website:

1. 90 Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee

If at any time in the first 90 days your web hosting does not live up to their promises and you choose to leave them they will pay you DOUBLE your money back - no strings and no questions! Goodness - this is putting your money where your mouth is hey?

2. Their Track Record - Read their Clients' Comments

All the testimonials you can read on their website were sent to them spontaneously by delighted clients.

3. They aim to Delight You with their Web Hosting

Your delight is their passion! They aim to provide the best web hosting possible.

4. The Top 25 Hosting Questions Answered.

If you want to be sure that the Web Hosting Company you are using is the best that there is and won't leave you and your website in the lurch, ensure you read through:

the Top 25 Questions to ask your Web Host

Your website is an extension of your business - make sure that you don't compromise when it comes to web hosting!

5. No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If all of the above is not enough they also give you a no-nonsense, no-catch 30 Day Money Back guarantee. If you want to stop your hosting with them within the first 30 days they will refund all your money that you have paid to them - No questions asked. This should really set your mind at ease.

6. 10 Week Internet Business Course

The Managing Director, Gian Visser, wrote a 10 part course detailing the things that you need to know in order to ensure the success of your website. This course is currently being sold for R550.00 but they will send it to you at absolutely no charge.

7. Latest and most Powerful Web Servers

It is important that your website is reliable and fast. That is why Afrihost hosts your website on the latest available web server technology. Currently the Web Servers used for all new clients are IBM web servers with the following specifications: dual 2.8 Gigahertz (GHz) Xeon, RAID 5 SCSI drives with 2 Gigabytes (Gb) of RAM.

Servers are also located in various countries to supply the fastest internet access possible to your clients.

8. Free Human Telephonic and Email Support

At Afrihost you can rest assured that you will get prompt service by a human being who cares for you and who want to assist you in any of your problems.

10. Anti-Virus Checking on all email addresses

Of course nowadays one has to be secure too. They have a full time security expert on board and also supplies Anti-Virus software included on all your email addresses that you create at the domain name and website that you host with them.

11. With Afrihost's CPanel You have complete Control

The Afrihost CPanel (that is included with every hosting package) is a fully-featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. This transfers as much of the control and responsibility of managing your web site to you. It gives you the ability to manage all aspects of email, files, backup, FTP, CGI scripts, and web site statistics yourself! It also gives you access to your own webmail interface and online organizer!

12. Fast Hosting Data centre for your site

When it comes to the Web, location is critical. All Afrihost South African web servers are located in the Internet Solution's (IS) Hosting's Internet Data Centres (IDC) in Johannesburg. Further servers are installed internationally.

13. Bonus Pack worth R1790 included

You get a Bonus Pack consisting of additional features and software worth R1790.00. These Bonuses are added to your package at no additional cost.

14. Spam Filter included for all email addresses

More on security. You also receive a Spam filter called Spam Assasin which can be used with each and every Pop3 Email box you have at your domain hosted with Afrihost.

15. Boosted Packages maximise your web space

For each package they boost the web space by at least 100% Rest assured that you won't run out of web space very quickly with your hosting package.

16. Your own Webmail - accessed anywhere

Of course you also get your own webmail enabling you to access your emails via the web from anywhere while you can access your email as per usual through your standard email program (such as Outlook Express) as well.

17. Advanced Web Traffic Statistics for your site

A tool which details your web traffic statistics and makes your life easier in the managing of your website is also provided.

Now really, do you need to know anything else?

If you need to host your website on the internet, look no further. Click here right now and get your own website at Afrihost.

Various hosting packages are available that suits every pocket and requirement. From the individual who wants to set up his own site to the business who requires things like forms to email replies, payment processors and shopping carts. You can liven up your site with things like chat rooms and bulletin boards. Right up to even supplying your own dedicated hosting service to other clients if you so require. Check the website out - it is vast and the services varied.

Host your website with a professional Web Host: Afrihost Have lots of fun.

Dr Loot Gous

Millions of people all over the world are making money online. Click here for more.

Edited 2010/04/27
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