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English - the crazy language
Rindercella/Speak Chinese
Foreign English
"How old are you, Mummy?"/Newspaper Goofs
Getting rid of Telemarketers/ 60th Anniversary
Checkpoints in one's life
International Advertising
Memories / Baby Boomers
Performance Evaluations /Star Signs
Looking for a Dayvorce
College Kid
Liar / Not a Kid anymore..
Best Irish Jokes Quaint Sayings / Murphy's Laws
What the Kids' say / Been Online too long?
Opinions / Well, it follows.... Blonde v/s Redhead / You're not a kid anymore when... Computer Thoughts / Boost your TechnoVocabulary
Things you learn from the movies Interesting Facts / From the mouth of babes Writing better English
One-liners / Why I can't come to work today Hope you are
enjoying thus far!!
Sunbathing / Crazy Drivers / Who is Jack Shitt?
Sign of the Times / At the Pearly gates / Happy ageing! The Cookie / Images of Mother / Magic Mirror / $$$ Bible Jokes / Women's Dictionary
The Dentist /Mad Mummy / Sayings by the Famous about the fairer Sex Résumé   Bloopers/
A riddle for you

Just like a surgeon/Playing God/What a treat
This collection of Jokes was compiled over a period of 3 years. We do hope you enjoyed!