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Life: what it isn't; what it is Life is not a race; Go slower The Gift of Insults
3 Marbles The Power of the Dream The Stonecutter
Christmas can be Rejuvenating Learn from Geese/Nature's Beauty A Letter to God
Did I fill the world with love? The Goddess /
    To forgive...
Que Sera Sera
Quotations Wishing Someone/Laughter Instructions on Life
True Love/
'Cause it's right
Be True /
Promise Yourself
Concentration /
... and 6 other stories
Chief Seattle /
What mothers' learn
Your Consciousness /
Rules for right living
The Pianist
Blue Willow Legend /
Inspirational Quotations "The Wall"/
    Value of a smile
Mr. Washington
Value of Time
lots on "Beauty" 4 Philanthropists/
Old man and the butterfly
The Thief / Friends Life is an opportunity/
Zen stories / Faith
Blessing of the Nine
Elements/Twice the Price
Go with the Flow The Rose Rules of Life/Smile
Sufi Prayer/
Be yourself perfectly
Ask God/
Comes the Dawn
Beauty of the Rose/
Focus on the Good
Recipe for Happiness/
A special Teacher
These pages were compiled over a period of 3 years. These Inspiration pages were Abby's joy.