Ancient Sufi Prayer

I offer you peace.  
I offer you joy.  
I offer you friendship.  
I hear your needs.  
I see your beauty.  

Our wisdom comes from  
a Higher Source.  
Our wisdom comes from  
a deeper source.  
I honor that Source in you.




'Jewish Wisdom' by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin,1994

A Hasidic rebbe by the name of Zusha used to say,
"When I die and come before the heavenly court, if they ask me,
'Zusha, why were you not as great as Abraham?' I will not be afraid.
I will say that I was not born with Abraham's intellectual capabilities.
And if they ask me, 'Zusha why were you not like Moses?' 
I will say that I did not have his leadership skills. 
But when they ask me 'Zusha why were you not Zusha?' 
For that I will have no answer."    

First letter of Paul to the Corinthians ; Chapter 7: verse 17 "Each one must order his life according to the gift the Lord has granted him and his condition when God called him."

Wind is your breath, The open sky, your mind The sun your eye, Seas and mountains Your whole body


Successful people don't do different things;
they just do things differently

-quote given by Shahista Ebrahim-

When you cease to dream you cease to live.
- Malcolm S. Forbes -

"Prefer a loss to a dishonest gain; the one brings pain at the moment, the other for all time."

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
-Confucius (B.C. 551-479)-

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