The Goddess

"If there is a God, there must also be a Goddess. Neither is more important than the other, both are in balance, together they create a Whole."

-- Marion Weinstein


In the olden days, the Goddess was seen as a Trinity: the Maiden or Virgin, the Mother, and the Crone. The Virgin was one-in-herself, owned by no man.

The Mother was the one in the fullness of her creative powers, whether creating children, works of art, or other work out in the world.

The Crone was the wise old woman.

Both women and men connected with the Triple Goddess. To women, the Goddess was a symbol of their innermost selves and the beneficient, nurturing, liberating power within.

The Crone, for example, showed them that all phases of life are sacred, that age is a blessing rather than a curse. To men, the Goddess represented their connection with their own hidden female selves.

We are all made up of aspects of both sexes. This is our balance.

When we accept what we know to be truly ourselves, which is often much more than the old role models for men and women allow, we become complete men and women.

"Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment."

-- Maxwell Maltz 


The way we think about ourselves determines how we behave and who we become.

If Michelle believes she is good at baseball, she will swing the bat more confidently and catch fly balls more easily. And her extra effort will generally pay off.

At math, Steve thinks he's a whiz and it makes him proud. He studies so he'll continue to be a whiz.  

The image we have of ourselves is like the blueprint the contractor follows when building a house.

When we see ourselves sad or angry, our behavior and personality will match it.

When we see ourselves withdrawn and afraid, we seem to avoid activities that involve others.

How wonderful that we can change our behavior and thus ourselves by changing the picture we carry in our minds.


To Forgive:

The first step to forgiveness is expressing to at least yourself how you are feeling about the situation. Know your feelings and understand them. Listen and consider to yourself, and any and all feelings are ok. Know your and their truth about it. Seek and find sincere openhearted desire. Let go.

To be Forgiven:

The first step to being forgiven is to face the other person with the truth and know how they are feeling. Know their feelings and understand them. Listen and consider. Know your and their truth. Seek and find the roots to your motivation. Try to make the situation as right as you can with the other. Forgive *yourself*.

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