Collection of hands played
on the OKB server


can you defend better? played by Ralph Ma
(Vienna Coup + Double Squeeze !!)
Well defended, Abby
Dilemma in Defense Responding to a Take-Out
Double at the 3-Level
Rule of 20
An Expert Table Reading the Cards Jacoby 2NT
The Trap A Safety Play What went wrong??
Breaking a Squeeze CAPP variation A nice simple squeeze
Helping Partner The Pathologist/
    another Vienna Coup
OKB's most exciting hand!!
I have a red face! 2 Slams that should have made! A quiz & A squeeze - played by maddas, of Norway
The timings the thing... Plan your play revisited Hands of Note
Michaels cue bid Humorous Hands udca? / 4-4 or 5-4 ?
Norwegians on OKB Making assumptions Trump Coup / a humorous hand
Dedicated to Tuna Lucky Misunderstanding / a Crucial Decision Compiled through
1997 - 1999

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