Nov 1999
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An OKB Hand

(board rotated 90o)
      IMP-46      anon1       Dlr: East
      Board 549   S KT62      Vul: E-W
                  H K543
      muffinb     D 72        fu-kwan
      S 9853      C AKQ       S QJ4
      H AJ                    H 9762
      D 9853      anon2       D 4
      C T95       S A7        C J8632
                  H QT8
                  D AKQJT6
                  C 74
      West     North    East     South
      muffinb  anon1    fu-kwan  anon2
                        Pass     1NT      
      Pass     2C       Pass     2D       
      Pass     3NT      Pass     Pass     
      Opening lead: S9    Result: Made 6
      Score: 490          Points:  -5.08
Your system is strong NT (15-17) and 5-card majors.


  1. What was the worst bid?
    In my opinion, the opening of 1NT. Simply open 1D, and rebid 3D over 1H.

  2. How would you have got to the cold slam?
    After a 1D opener, and a 3D rebid, easy!


2. Another OKB hand

IMP-46      if          Dlr: North
Board 105   S K6        Vul: E-W
            H J85
selje       D 753       elsid
S J75       C AKT82     S 32
H Q7643                 H A92
D JT        qian        D AK9642
C J63       S AQT984    C Q5
            H KT
            D Q8
            C 974

West     North    East     South
selje    if       elsid    qian

         Pass     1D       1S       
Dbl      2C       2D       2S       
Pass     3S       Pass     Pass     

Opening lead: DJ    Result: Made 3
Score: 140          Points:   3.00
The Play:
 1  West   DJ,  3,  K,  8
 2  East   DA,  Q,  T,  5
 3  East   D9, ST, SJ, D7
 4  West   H3,  5,  A,  T
 5  East   H9,  K,  4,  8
 6  South  S4,  5,  K,  2
 7  North  S6,  3,  A,  7
 8  South  SQ, H6, C2, D2
 9  South  S9, H7, C8, D4
10  South  S8, C3, HJ, D6
11  South  C4,  6,  A,  5
12  North  CK,  Q,  7,  J
13  North  CT, H2, C9, HQ

Partner got squeezed.

Last 4 cards -
partner had HQ and CJ63; dummy had HJ and CAK10, while declarer played a trump.


Declarer could make this contract by simply pitching a club at trick 3, instead of ruffing.

How could we beat this contract now?

Play a club at trick 4 after the overruff with the SJ. Hop up with the heart ace first time hearts are played, and pres the club lady. Once the entry position is broken, there is no squeeze. :))

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