Sep '99

Trump   Coup

TN.IMP      soloway     Dlr: North
Board 9     S KQ3       Vul: E-W
            H A
Sherm       D T9432     afg
S 8         C KQJ7      S AT742
H KJ8765                H QT4
D KQ5       seligman    D 876
C 983       S J965      C T6
            H 932
            D AJ
            C A542

East     South    West     North
Sherm    soloway  afg      seligman

2H       Dbl      Pass     3S       
Pass     4S       Pass     Pass     

Opening lead: DK    Result: Made 4
Score: 420          Points:   0.00

 1  East   DK,  2,  6,  A
 2  North  S5,  8,  Q,  A
 3  West   H4,  3,  5,  A
 4  South  D3,  8,  J,  Q
 5  East   C9,  K,  T,  5
 6  South  SK,  2,  6, H6
 7  South  DT,  7, H2, D5
 8  South  D9, C6, CA, C3
 9  South  CQ, S4, C2, C8
10  West   HQ,  9,  8, S3
11  South  D4, HT, C4, H7
    ***  claimed here ***

Marty Seligman (of Philadelphia) carefully pitched the club ace on a good diamond. This was the position after East ruffed a club:

  S- 3
H- - -
D- 4
C- J
S- - -
H- K J 8 7
D- - -
C- - -
S- 10 7
H- Q 10
D- - -
C- - -
  S- J 9
H- 9
D- - -
C- 4

Declarer was booked, having lost a diamond, the trump ace, and a club ruff .

If East plays a trump now, Marty would win cheaply, draw, and dummy is high.

East exited with a heart giving dummy the ruff, and a good diamond was played, but East postponed the trump coup by but 1 trick.

Well played, Marty!

Incidentally how do YOU play 2H x xx ?
Does this show an honour in hearts?

Yes, a heart lead will beat it.....



Have a good giggle!!


Two of my Norwegian friends were playing (this time against each other) and I joined their table just in time to witness this hand....


MP-27       elin        Dlr: South
Board 739   S 5432      Vul: E-W
            H Q83
egil        D T         solsen
S KQ96      C KQ985     S J
H AK975                 H T642
D AJ        maddas      D KQ965432
C 74        S AT87      C 
            H J
            D 87
            C AJT632

West     North    East     South
egil     elin     solsen   maddas

1H       Pass     2D       Dbl      
Pass     Pass     Rdbl     Pass     
3NT      Pass     4H       Pass     
Pass     Dbl      Pass     Pass     

Opening lead: DT    Result: Made 5
Score: -990         Points:   0.00

 1  North  DT,  2,  8,  A
 2  West   HA,  3,  2,  J
 3  West   HK,  8,  4, C3
 4  West   DJ, C5, D3, D7
 5  West   H5,  Q,  6, C2
 6  North  S4,  J,  A
    *** claim accepted ***

A quick calculation proved that egil was right, as usual.


Why accept 980 in 2Dx+4 when you can obtain 990 in 4Hx+1 ?


After all, this was MP's....





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