July 1999 Hands

Featuring the Norwegians on OKB

Hallo, Velkommen, Fred


1.    OKB     IMP     week 26     board 1133

IMP-26      DAGj        Dlr: North
Board 1133  S AT4       Vul: Both
            H KJ43
cor         D K85       rowrow
S K86       C AK9       S Q7532
H QT62                  H A7
D T3        elsid       D Q64
C QT73      S J9        C 652
            H 985
            D AJ972
            C J84

West     North    East     South
cor      DAGj     rowrow   elsid

         1C       Pass     1D       
Pass     2NT      Pass     3NT      
Pass     Pass     Pass              

Opening lead: S3    Result: Made 5
Score: 660          Points:   5.46

 1  East   S3,  9,  K,  A
 2  North  DK,  4,  2,  3
 3  North  D5,  6,  J,  T
 4  South  H9,  T,  J,  A
 5  East   SQ,  J,  8,  4
 6  East   S2, H5, S6, ST
 7  North  CA,  2,  4,  3
 8  North  CK,  5,  8,  7
 9  North  D8,  Q,  A, H2
10  South  D9, CT, C9, S5
11  South  D7, H6, H3, S7
12  South  H8,  Q,  K,  7
13  North  H4, C6, CJ, CQ

Hege, Takk for hjelpen!
Bare Hyggelig :-)

Vienna Coup

by Hege Jensen

Follow the play closely. Hege came down to the following 3-card ending:

S- - -
H- K 4 3
D- - -
C- - -
S- - -
H- Q 10
D- - -
C- Q


S- - -
H- 8
D- 7
C- J
Whilst a positional simple squeeze would also work (where North retains H-K4 and C-AK9. Dummy H-8, D-7, and C-J84, and the diamond is played now) the Vienna Coup caters for West starting out with H-Qx and East has C-Qxx(x). Now East gets squeezed.


2.    OKB     MP     week 27     board 0

MP-27       tamtam      Dlr: West
Board 0     S KJ4       Vul: E-W
            H A98
egil        D J2        elsid
S AT963     C J6542     S 752
H T                     H J7643
D AK63      miriam      D 9875
C AKQ       S Q8        C 9
            H KQ52
            D QT4
            C T873

West     North    East     South
egil     tamtam   elsid    miriam

1S       2C       Pass     3C       
3NT      Pass     4S       Pass     
Pass     Pass                       

Opening lead: C2    Result: Made 4
Score: -620         Points:   6.90

 1  North  C2,  9,  T,  A
 2  West   S9,  J,  2,  8
 3  North  DJ,  5,  4,  A
 4  West   SA,  4,  5,  Q
 5  West   CK,  4, D7, C3
 6  West   CQ,  5, D8, C7
 7  West   DK,  2,  9,  T
 8  West   D3, H8, S7, DQ
 9  East   H3,  Q,  T,  9
10  South  H2, S3, HA/claim

Dino, If you can play them that well, you can bid aggressively!


Egil Brekke (a firm favourite regular of mine on OKB) found the excellent play of ducking a trump at trick 2! This kept control firmly in his hands.

Later he would cash the trump ace, leaving the king at large, pitch 2 diamonds on the clubs, and ruff a diamond, establishing his 4th.

A useful +6.90 IMP's for bidding the game, then playing it in the manner described.


... vil sola skinne i flere uker uten stopp, gudfar.
God sommer!


3.    OKB     MP     week 27     board 898

MP-27       clarsen     Dlr: East
Board 898   S 6         Vul: N-S
            H A53
elsid       D 9765      stokken
S Q1085     C JT753     S AKJ3
H T96                   H K84
D JT432     bobschwa    D Q
C 8         S 9742      C AK962
            H QJ72
            D AK8
            C Q4

North    East     South    West
clarsen  stokken  bobschwa elsid

         1C       Dbl      1D       
Pass     2S       Pass     3S       
Pass     4S       Pass     Pass     

Opening lead: DK    Result: Made 5
Score: 450          Points:  95.59

 1  South  DK,  2,  5,  Q
 2  South  HQ,  6,  A,  4
 3  North  H5,  K,  2,  9
 4  East   CK,  4,  8,  3
 5  East   CA,  Q, HT, C5
 6  East   C2, D8, S5, C7
 7  West   D3,  6, S3, DA
 8  East   H8,  J, S8, H3

Against the 4S- contract played by stokken (Aasmund Stokkeland), what would you lead?


Without a trump lead, stokken embarked on a cross-ruff after losing a diamond and a heart trick.

His luck was in. 5-Up, for most of the MP's.

A trump lead, and a trump return after declarer concedes a diamond, aborts declarer's plans effectively.


Stokken, Takk for nå!


Takk,     Adjø,     Ha det
Vi sees OKB.
Jeg er   fattig fetter,




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