June 1999 Hands

1.    OKB     IMP     week 22     board 1113

IMP-22      sweetie     Dlr: North
Board 1113  S AK4       Vul: E-W
            H AT5
sms         D T543      denny
S QJ2       C Q53       S T873
H 97                    H 86432
D A9        elsid       D Q872
C AJT942    S 965       C 
            H KQJ
            D KJ6
            C K876

West     North    East     South
sms      sweetie  denny    elsid

         1D       Pass     3NT      
Pass     Pass     Pass              

Opening lead: CT    Result: Made 3
Score: 400          Points:   8.45

 1  West   CT,  3, H3, CK
 2  South  HJ,  7,  A,  2
 3  North  D3,  8,  J,  A
 4  West   CA,  5, S3, C6
 5  West   D9,  T,  Q,  K
 6  South  D6, C2, D4, D7
 7  East   H4,  K,  9,  5
 8  South  S5,  2,  A,  7
 9  North  D5,  2, S9, C4
10  North  CQ, H6, C7, C9
11  North  HT,  8,  Q, SJ
12  South  S6,  Q,  K,  8
13  North  S4,  T, C8, CJ

Do you play udca?

In the 3NT contract, the club 10 lead was passed around to declarer's king. A heart to dummy, and a diamond was played. East routinely started a peter to show an even number of diamonds. This proved to be costly!

East gave the 8 at trick 3, was later forced to play the diamond madam when West returned the 9, and was covered with dummy's 10. Finally East took the diamond 6 with the 7.

This sequence of plays in the diamond suit established the lowly 5 as the game-going trick.

Yes, there is much merit in upside down carding! East plays the 2 first to show an even number. -1 then.


2.    OKB     IMP     week 20     board 462

IMP-20      cateyes     Dlr: East
Board 462   S 7         Vul: None
            H AQT8
eghans      D 872       DAGj
S J8        C AK854     S AQ95432
H 942                   H 75
D KJ653     jm          D T94
C 632       S KT6       C T
            H KJ63
            D AQ
            C QJ97

West     North    East     South
eghans   cateyes  DAGj     jm

                  3S       Dbl      
Pass     4NT      Pass     5D       
Dbl      6H       Pass     Pass     

Opening lead: DT    Result: Made 6
Score: 980          Points:  10.63

 1  East   DT,  A,  3,  2
 2  South  HK,  2,  8,  5
 3  South  H3,  9,  T,  7
 4  North  HA, S3, H6, H4
 5  North  C4,  T,  Q,  3
 6  South  CJ,  2,  5, S2
 7  South  C9,  6,  8, S4
 8  South  C7, D5, CK, D9
 9  North  CA, S5, DQ, S8
10  North  S7,  A,  6,  J
11  East   D4   ***claimed***

4-4   or   5-4 ?

I was a kibitzer and was rather amused that on the 10 lead, 6 makes but not the better 5-4 fit contract of 6!!


A hefty 10.63 IMPs awaits you if you trust partner to have 4 hearts always when doubling a spade preempt.




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