Humorous Hands

We decided that in this issue we would dispense with instruction, and concentrate on the funny aspect of the game. Three hands follow that meet this criterion.


1.    OKB     IMP     week 19     board 527

IMP-19      buddy141    Dlr: South
Board 527   S AQ        Vul: N-S
            H AQJ54
rewind      D J         bo
S J9752     C K9632     S 8643
H 7                     H 962
D A9763     CUnext      D KQT52
C AJ        S KT        C 7
            H KT83
            D 84
            C QT854

West     North    East     South
rewind   buddy141 bo       CUnext

1S       2S*      4S       5H       
Pass     Pass     Pass              

Opening lead: S2    Result: Made 5
Score: 650          Points:   4.00

 1  West   S2,  Q,  3,  K
 2  South  H3,  7,  Q,  6
 3  North  H4,  2,  K, S7
 4  South  H8, S5, HA, H9
 5  North  C2,  7,  Q,  A
    *** claimed here ***

Well bid and well played.


So, what was so funny about this hand?


All players were in the auction, but neither pair got round to bidding a better 10-card fit !!!


2.    OKB     MP     week 20     board 304

MP-20       anon1       Dlr: West
Board 304   S J4        Vul: E-W
            H KT2
gery        D 9754      bev
S A52       C K876      S KQT763
H J53                   H Q976
D AKQ3      anon2       D T6
C AQ9       S 98        C 4
            H A84
            D J82
            C JT532

West     North    East     South
gery     anon1    bev      anon2

2NT      Pass     3C       Pass     
3NT      Pass     4S       Pass     
5NT      Pass     6S       Pass     
Pass     Pass                       

Opening lead: CJ    Result: Made 6
Score: -1430        Points:   2.70

 1  South  CJ,  A,  8,  4
 2  West   SA,  4,  3,  8
 3  West   S2,  J,  Q,  9
 4  East   DT,  2,  3,  4
 5  East   D6,  8,  Q,  5
 6  West   DK,  7, H6, DJ
 7  West   DA,  9, H7, C2
 8  West   CQ,  6, H9, C3
    *** claimed here ***

I was a kibitzer at a table where declarer also got to 6 Spades missing the top hearts, but this player kept his composure. He played it from the West side and received the kindly lead of a small club. He promptly ran all the trumps. Can you blame North for pitching an innocuous diamond?

But why was the swing only 2.70 IMP's, I mused.

Then I came across the above hand in the browse window, and felt it was worth sharing. I have conveniently renamed the N-S pair for fear of my life.

This slam made because of two ducks - lol -

  1. South ducked the diamond 10 at trick 4;
  2. then North was equal to the task when, at trick 8, he kindly ducked the club lady!

Happy thanksgiving!!


3.    OKB     IMP     week 16     board 60

IMP-16      satyar      Dlr: South
Board 60    S 432       Vul: E-W
            H 85
anon3       D 82        anon4
S AQT86     C JT7542    S KJ97
H J7                    H KQT3
D Q65       elsid       D AJ4
C AKQ       S 5         C 98
            H A9642
            D KT973
            C 63

West     South    East     South  
anon3    satyar   anon4    elsid

1S       Pass     2NT*     Pass     
3S       Pass     4D       Dbl      
6S       Pass     Pass     Pass     

Opening lead: D8    Result: Down 1
Score: 100          Points:  13.12

 1  East   D8,  4,  K,  5
 2  West   HA,  7,  8,  3
 3  West   DT,  6,  2
    *** claimed here ***

(hands rotated 90%)
Did you know that in Bridge, you need to keep your ears to the ground too?

What is funny about this hand is the fact that without my double, partner would lead the safe club knave, and Declarer has an easy ride.

However, with my double, and in view of East's 4D cue, the opponents could have got to the ironclad 6NT contract!

Played from the right side too - by East!!





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