I have a red face!

OKB     IMP's     Week 39     Board 13  

I suppose we all need refresher courses on the basics of this game, yes...       hmmmmm

I led the H-9. I liked my sequence. KCR accepted the lead with glee, and promptly discarded her club loser on the established heart, claiming 4.

"Sorry, pard," I said, "should lead a club."

"No problem, pd. 'tis IMP's" abby replied.

Yes, this was not serious. We were -3.80 instead of -3.10.

Then this hand came shortly thereafter....

Totally disregarding partner's overcall, I led the D-7. I didn't think we had many heart tricks coming, and I thought an aggressive lead was warranted. Wrong!!

Declarer wins the ace, and runs the diamond knave at trick 2, discarding her stiff heart. I win. What now??

I am desperate.

So... I switch to..... the C-K!!

Declarer wins, draws 3 trumps, and to her astonishment, the club knave drops. 5-up.

450 gives them 8.80 IMPs!!!

If I had led a heart, and abby forces with a second heart, the hand becomes totally unmanagable. A difference of at least 2 tricks!!   Yuk.

Yep, it takes a costly board like that to instil first principles -

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