The     Trap

OKB     IMP's     Week 6     Board 798  

Dlr: East
Vul: None

K Q 3
Q 5 4 3
6 5
J 10 4 3

A 7 4 2
J 7
A J 9 4
9 8 6


10 9 5
A 8 6 2
Q 7
A Q 7 2

J 8 6
K 10 9
K 10 8 3 2
K 5
You are South, and you reach the lowly contract of 1NT with no opposition bidding.

The lead is the six of diamonds through dummy's first bid suit.

You play small, and East contributes the diamond eight to the first trick. Well, well, well, the lead was not 4th highest then, you observe. (Rule of 11 = 11 - 6 (card led) = 5 cards higher outside West). You win the queen and you refrain from continuing another diamond.

You need some luck in clubs and you cannot lose by playing the first club towards dummy. West jumps up with the club 10 and continues with the diamond 5. What now ?

You deduced that West has led from a short suit and you hop up with the ace, and you continue with a club towards your hand. Surprise, surprise, the king comes. You win this with the ace, and in your quest to find the 7th trick (you have 6 now), you try the spade 10. West covers with the queen, and you duck.

West continues with the killing heart three and East contributes the nine when you played small from dummy. You duck. You duck again when East plays the king, and you win the third heart.

The stage is set :

K 3
- - -
J 4

A 7
- - -
J 9


9 5
- - -
Q 7

J 8
- - -
K 10 3
- - -
Try this problem :

"NT, South to play and to make three tricks."

Play a spade to the ace and exit a spade.

  1. If West played small - West is in with the spade king and can cash a heart but must concede the last two tricks to you in clubs.

  2. If West played the spade king, East is in with the jack and is endplayed in diamonds.

See the trap ?

Did you throw the club 8 and 9 on the first two club plays ? If you didn't, west wins the spade king at trick 11, and exits a small club.   Down 1 then !!!

A fascinating book to obtain is "The Only Chance" by Eric Jannersten, and the chapter entitled "Look before you Leap" is based on the type of play featured here. Real fascinating stuff.

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