There aren´t enough doctors in Africa. Those who choose to become doctors here don´t do it for the money or because they want to be good. They do it because they have to heal, the way most people need to breathe or eat or love. They can´t stop. As long as they are alive, they will never not be a doctor. They can be old, or alcoholic, or burnt-out, but they will always be a doctor.


Nestling at the foot of the granite slab which towers over the valley of Paarl, you will find the rooms belonging to me, Dr Shelley Hellig. If you travel on for another 25 minutes , you will spy my other practice sandwiched cosily between the famous chocolate shop and the chemist in Franschhoek´s main road.

I am a Family Medicine Specialist and humbly aspire to provide excellent, evidence based health care to my patients incorporating the bioethics and morality as taught by Hippocrates.

Apart from a passionate 30 years of experience, my knowledge has been honed by a Diploma in Paediatrics, a Masters Degree in Family Medicine and Certificates for successful courses in Travel Medicine. I hold a licence for providing the Yellow Fever Vaccine and am a member of the South African Institute of Travel medicine. I have also acquired an honours degree in Medical Science under the auspices of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology @ Stellenbosch University Medical School.

I strive to keep abreast of the latest trends and advances in my field by attending regular medical congresses, locally as well as internationally.

Academic ties are maintained with the University of Stellenbosch through the lecturing of undergraduate medical students and the tutoring of post graduate doctors.

The Family Medicine Handbook used presently by many of the Medical Schools includes an article of mine.

Consultations are strictly by appointment , but I am available at all hours for emergencies.

The tariffs are tiered on a "time spent, fee for service´basis. They are generally higher than the NPRL as well as the so called "Medical Aid Tariffs". There is no negotiation or correspondence with any third party funders as I believe the relationship between a patient and a doctor is sacred and confidential and should be independent of outside influences.

Family medicine is the heartbeat of Medical care. It is the space where one is invited to share the world of another.

What a privilege.

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Tel: 083 700 4573 (all hours)

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